Talga Technologies
  • Talga Technologies Limited is the product development arm of parent company Talga Resources Ltd, a vertically integrated technology minerals company.
  • Talga owns Europe’s largest natural graphite resources and innovative technologies for the industrial scale production of graphene.
  • Our UK team, based in Cambridge, focuses on developing value-added functionalised graphene and micrographite products for applications in the coatings, energy storage (batteries), building/concrete and polymer composite sectors.
  • We collaborate with industry partners to improve their materials performance and functionality using bespoke graphene and micrographite additives.
  • Resources are shared and various intellectual property agreements are in place to ensure commercial protection.
  • Our main focus is collaborated product development but dispersions and powders of micrographite, graphene nano-platelets and few layer graphene is available to industry partners on an as required basis.
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Talga Technologies Limited
c/o The Bradfield Centre
184 Cambridge Science Park
Milton Road, Milton
Cambridge CB4 0GA United Kingdom

Email: admin@talgatechnologies.com